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 Enneagram Retreat or Workshop.

The Spiritual Life
The Space Between Us: Communication to Change Your Life
The Spiritual Dimensions of the Enneagram
Thrive: Living into the promise of abundant life
Enneagram – connection to self, others and the divine

Immersive Enneagram experiences designed for groups and teams of all sizes. No matter the topic(s), participants will leave feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to apply these practical tools in their everyday lives. 

For decades, Jenny has designed and led spiritual retreats for churches and community groups on topics such as:

Immersive experiences designed for groups and teams of all sizes. 


Ready to customize an experience unique to your community?

How to bring faith into everyday life in the midst of family, friends, and work. We will draw inspiration from the life and ministry of Jesus to frame our time together.

Life As Our Deepest Prayer

Nurturing Spirituality

Learn to experience life -- the messy parts, the peaceful places, and the struggles -- as your deepest prayer. Enjoy a weekend of fellowship and spiritual renewal as we explore accessible spiritual practices to guide everyday life.

Communication For The Soul

Brene Brown teaches that we are hard-wired for connection. Oftentimes, the pursuit of healthy connections can lead to conflict. Practice the skills you need to move your relationships to a deeper, more meaningful place.  

Spiritual Growth and the Enneagram 

Deep dive into the nine fundamental personality styles to uncover why we do the things we do. Strengthen our connection with Spirit and live a more integrated and authentic life.

A customized retreat to address your audience's unique needs
A comprehensive curriculum to foster deeper learning and development
Activities and practices that foster depth and connection amount your group participants
You’ll rest easy knowing that your group is receiving an awakening experience that will leave them transformed from the inside, out.

What you'll receive:

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First-time Enneagram participants such as myself are still reeling from all that came to us. You are gifted as a leader for which I am most grateful. Otherwise, I might have thrown in the book and just gone for long walks. Yes, I will understand what floats my boat, feeds my soul, and how I handle information from the world around me. Thanks to you, I am setting out on a mission that is likely to take lots of time, energy, and prayer. With much gratitude for taking our Centenary Women's Group in hand and leading us to new highs.

"The Lake Junaluska Women's Retreat this weekend was full of joy and laughter."

"I came in feeling that this really wasn’t for me. I left feeling that it was exactly what I need and made so much sense in my spiritual journey."

"Jenny was awesome! She was down to earth and very real."

She challenged us (in a kind, supportive way) to see things in a different way and step outside some of our comfort zones. She did a great job balancing large group and smaller group interaction.

"I loved the speaker and her reflective readings."

"Just what I needed - renewal, rest and spiritual connection!"