Wake up to your true self.

Wake up to
your true self.

I walk beside people, helping them live into their best selves using the Enneagram as a tool for transformation.

More About Jenny

For 30+ years I’ve helped curious and open people like you learn and apply the sacred wisdom of the Enneagram as a tool for self-discovery and transformation. 

Certified Enneagram Teacher, Life Coach, Retreat Leader, and Spiritual Director.

Hi, I’m Jenny! 

Enneagram Coaching

Rediscover and embrace your most authentic self. 

Leverage the power of the Enneagram as a practical tool for deep healing, connection, and transformation. First and foremost, you'll gain insight into yourself—why you behave, think, and act—so that you can nurture and rely on your personal and professional relationships.  

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Life & Career Coaching

Discover your roadmap to personal and professional success. 

Use the Enneagram as a tool to tap into your innate strengths, face challenges head-on, and craft a fulfilling life and career that resonates with your true essence.

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Spiritual Direction + Companionship Coaching

Receive spiritual guidance that empowers you to connect with the Divine and live a centered, purpose-filled life. 

Embrace your spiritual gifts, deepen core relationships, and activate the Spirit’s wisdom within you.

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Parent Coaching 

Find harmony while navigating the unique challenges of parenting.

We’ll use the Enneagram as a tool to gain insights into your child’s unique needs, fostering empathy, and self-compassion. 

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